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February: Legal Eyes: Law, Politics & Social Justice - Shanlon Wu

February: Legal Eyes: Law, Politics & Social Justice

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In February, I had my eyes on:  LAW & POLITICS NY DA Probe of Trump Falters Shockingly, lead prosecutors in Manhattan DA’s office resigned over new DA Alvin Bragg expressing doubts about a criminal case against Trump.  It’s very rare for a top prosecutor – especially one brand new to the job - to go against the prosecutors closest to the case. NY AG James' case should be unscathed by this so all eyes will turn to her civil matter now. AAPI ISSUES: Criticism of Olympic gold medalist Eileen Gu reflects racial animosity towards AAPIs stoked by racist rhetoric. While countless American athletes have participated under the flag of different nations in the Olympics, whether for greater opportunity or for ancestral heritage, none have drawn attention and controversy like Eileen Gu. The 18 year old gold medalist differs from many of these athletes because she was easily skilled enough to...
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January: Legal Eyes - Shanlon Wu

January: Legal Eyes: What’s New in 2022

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Whats new in January 2022: Justice Stephen Breyer’s anticipated retirement emphasizes the evolution of Supreme Court Justices to monoliths of powers in today’s political sphere. This over concentration of power in a small ground can undermine democracy and upset the three equity of the three branches of government, especially when the next generation of judicial leaders are groomed with particular political paradigms. Read more at my most recent publication.  A vigil was held to honor Michelle Go, a Bay Area native who was senselessly killed while waiting for her train. Simon Martial turned himself in for pushing her and is being charged with second degree murder. Go was known for volunteering with homeless initiatives and was an engaged member of her community.  While it is still unclear whether race was a factor in her death, it is a painful reminder that violence against the Asian American and Pacific Islander community...
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