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Why aren’t Merrick Garland & DOJ going after GOP politicians yet for the January 6 insurrection?

By October 13, 2021Trump

As a former federal prosecutor in tune with political ongoings throughout the country, Shan Wu has a particular interest — and particular insight — into what’s going on with the cases regarding the January 6th insurrection.

Both the House Select Subcommittee and the Department of Justice are currently investigating what happened before, during, and after the insurrection, as well as who is responsible for it.

The House Subcommittee has already been busy, issuing broad subpoenas and making headlines, but many have criticized the DOJ prosecutors for dragging their feet.

Read on for Shan’s take on both investigations and why these differences might be occurring.

1. The Difference Between the House Subcommittee and the DOJ

A Congressional Committee has a very different charge than a prosecutor. 

The Committee is looking to build a case, give information to the public, and maybe change policies in the future.

On the other hand, the Justice Department has to build a case beyond a reasonable doubt, so it’s a much tougher and more meticulous process.

2. Prosecutors Aren’t Looking for a Political Battle

Additionally, the Biden Department of Justice under Attorney General Merrick Garland is very much aware of the way the Trump administration debased and hurt the integrity of the Department of Justice.

Understandably, they want to protect this institution, so they’re particularly concerned with looking too partisan or rushing things.

But Shan believes this is a time for bold leadership at the Justice Department which means that the prosecutors need to look at charges not only against the people who went into that building but possibly public officials, too. 

That’s risky for prosecutors. They don’t like looking partisan.

A Time to Be Bold

According to Shan, however, this is a time to be bold.

Prosecutors can’t be overly cautious right now. People throughout the country are waiting on the DOJ to make the chaos of January 6th right — and they don’t appreciate being made to wait.

Check out Shan’s full take on the difference between Congressional subcommittee proceedings and the DOJ investigation here.

Plus: Did you notice a little hint at the next project Shan has up his sleeve in the video?