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Remembering Associate Deputy Attorney General David Margolis

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The longest-serving lawyer in the United States Justice Department died on July 12th.  Associate Deputy Attorney General David Margolis was 76. Margolis began his service at DOJ under Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach who had been Attorney General Robert Kennedy’s Deputy Attorney General.  Margolis served under 19 U.S. Attorney General's over the span of 51 years.  The very definition of a career government lawyer, Margolis was a maverick in his dress code (he regularly wore T-shirts to meetings with Attorney Generals) but a loyalist in his heart.  His obituary appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, TIME, and NPR to name but a few.  Much ado about a mere civil servant. In the leadership offices at the Justice Department, one’s stature is marked by the difficulty of the matters placed in one’s “portfolio.”  Margolis had the most difficult ones; including being tasked with the search of White House Counsel Vince…
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