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January: Legal Eyes: What’s New in 2022

By January 16, 2022March 18th, 2024News

Whats new in January 2022:

  • Justice Stephen Breyer’s anticipated retirement emphasizes the evolution of Supreme Court Justices to monoliths of powers in today’s political sphere. This over concentration of power in a small ground can undermine democracy and upset the three equity of the three branches of government, especially when the next generation of judicial leaders are groomed with particular political paradigms. Read more at my most recent publication
  • A vigil was held to honor Michelle Go, a Bay Area native who was senselessly killed while waiting for her train. Simon Martial turned himself in for pushing her and is being charged with second degree murder. Go was known for volunteering with homeless initiatives and was an engaged member of her community.  While it is still unclear whether race was a factor in her death, it is a painful reminder that violence against the Asian American and Pacific Islander community is still rampant and is perpetuated by the rise of disinformation around Covid 19. Many at the vigil remarked “It could have been any of us”, a comment sentiment for many in the AAPI community who are constantly grappling with the looming fear of a hate crime. 
  • A 371 day investigation into MIT scientist, Gang Chen, concluded last week with all charges being dropped. The investigation is another example of the DOJ’s China Initiative pouring time and resources into this unwarranted persecution into AAPI academics, specifically those of Chinese heritage. 170 professors from MIT signed a petition in indignation of this clear targeting and the case drew the attention of the ACLU. This ongoing initiative has resulted in only a few convictions. One of which being Charles Lieber, the former chair of Harvard University’s chemistry department. Lieber stood accused of lying to the government about his involvement in a Chinese talent program and failing to report income on his taxes. This initiative was a countermeasure against “increased Chinese espionage” according to former Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. While this initiative attempts to safeguard American intellectual property, it actually fosters a climate of persecution and dogmatism. Not only is this witch hunt reminiscent of a McCarthyist era, it also only clearly serves political optics as most of those accused of espionage are researching with the intention of publication. This targeting will actually undermine the marketplace of ideas and will deter scientific progress and if continues, will inevitably result in brain drain from this country.
  • Former New York City Mayor, Rudy, along with retired Lt. Gen, Michael Flynn, have had their honorary degrees revoked by the University of Rhode Island. Giuliani was in violation of the school’s commitment to intellectual and ethical leadership by his collusion in former President Donald Trump’s instigation of the Jan 6 riots. While Giuliani has been able to dodge subpoenas by the House Select Committee, it is reassuring to see institutions of higher learning hold the members of this administration responsible. Check out more on my twitter
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